The company


As a first-ranked engineering company group in Vetnam, YS (VN) Architects and Engineering Co.,LTD carries out vari-ous projects in the most efficient manners that are optimal to the local requirements, by establishing and utilizing a b best East Asian business network made up of our group companies ( YS) as core and other partner companies worldwide.

YS (VN) Architects and Engineering Co.,LTD provides our clients with total value for the project in terms of and consist-ing of quality, HSSE, schedule, cost, etc., by continuously improving our follow-on advantage capabilities such as Proj-ect Management Skills, Comprehensive Integrated Engineering Technologies, High-Tech Application Capabilities, Opti-mum Alliance Building and Advanced East  Asian Networking.

YS (VN) Architects and Engineering Co.,LTD can provide the clients with the total engineering solution for any type of project, including engineering, procurement and construction of industrial plant fields/facilities and offer the most viable solutions and means for their realization in value-driven manner. YS (VN) Architects and Engineering Co.,LTD will  make a supreme effort and lead 21st century  East Asian economy under the operation of YS


YS (VN) ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERING CO.,LTD have more than 10 years working experience in Vietnam and Asian countries in design field. We have experience in interior and exterior design of buildings and factories. In the field of office interior design, we have designed office furniture for the factories and we listed some of them in part III of proposal.


  • Design architectural building
  • Design planning construction
  • Design structural civil and industrial construction works
  • Design electrical system of civil works
  • Interior design
  • Supervise construction of civil and industrial works
  • Supervise installation off work equipment and technological electrical equipment of civil, industrial work
  • Construct other technical civil works
  • Complete construction works
  • Construct workshops, garages, offices, warehouses, …